Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My date was sweet short but sweet. It seem like I want better for him but he's want better for himself. He knows that I love him but my love wasn't enough to change him. Maybe he'd never change but I accept him for who he is "My 1st Love, R.E"

I would entitle this closure but it's NOT!!

I never got to see things from his point of view maybe because I only cared about mine. I could always make a bad situation worst or say the right thing to make it right but I believe the time we decided to depart there was nothing for me to say, he made it clear that I hurt him. I think he never realized how much he'd hurt me over the years. I guess what I'm trying to say is I should have been left once I sensed things weren't the same between us but I just couldn't the urging for nostalgia wouldn't let meleave no matter how many times I said it. Every time he hurt me I wish I could walk out of love but I didn"t know which door I came in. Now I know that it's time to close that door because there's no need for me to want to save a relationship that he doesn't want to save.

Through Distance and Time

So sitting here listening to Mariah Carey's "Never Too Far Away" and thought about the guy that I loved most in my life and to know that we are were we are hurts me so bad. I guess the fact that we both call ourselves moving on means nothing because the way we feel about each other is still the same. I don't know why I can't shake him or my feelings about him. I ean it's clear that we both want to move on but can't. I'm thinking though maybe I don't want to be with him as a couple I just lon for want we had and I know that I'll never feel that way or experience love with him again. As the tears roll down my cheek and I take in the words of Rihanna's "Million Miles Away" I realize that what we once shared is gone. It seems like the last year of my relationship was us holding on to good habits when we should have been letting go. I knew he broke away every time he touched me. The intimacy was gone, the passion was no longer present & the intense climax of our love making was also gone. I could never find the words to say to try and fix thngs because no matter how much we were together it felt like we were a million miles away.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Letter to Dr.Ackerman

Dear Dr. Ackerman,

I am Tiana Brown a student at Constitution High that attends in the dual enrollment program. I am writing you this letter because I was told by the principal of my school that the dual enrollment program might be taken away from the student and I that attend my school due to the budget cuts. I feel that our school really needs and deserve to remain having the privilege to attend the dual enrollment program at Cheyney Unviersity for three important reasons. The first one is it gives us as the next generation of doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. the opportunity to experience college level work while still in high school. Which more prepares us for what we will be doing in college. The second reason is that we won't get another chance to take the classes that are provided to us because we are about to graduation for high school and become freshmen at colleges all across the country. The last and final reason is that as becoming adults the dual enrollment program allows the seniors to have an advantage. We attend the dual enrollment classes across the street from our original school and the fact that we have to sometimes have to go back and forth allows the adults to give us a myriad of freedom and responsibility and that's to the dual enrollment program that we can get a chance to demonstrate how mature we really are. So before you decide to cut the dual enrollment program please think about me Tiana Brown a student at Constitution High and the letter I wrote to you.

Thank You,
Tiana R. Brown

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I decided to work on my National History Day Project. I  found primary sources for my group's project and began to create our groups bibliography. So far we have 4 sources and above is a picture of 1 of them from September 17, 1973 of McDonald's.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today I didn't work on National History Day I worked on my English research and paper.
I have to research a book entitled "Blood Diamond: Tracing The Deadly Path Of The World's Most Precious Stone." The book is by a journalist by the name of Greg Campbell. The book consist of 280 pages of thrills, excitements, afflictions and adventures. The book takes place in Sierra Leone. Greg Campbell writes the value of a diamond but not in money but in blood, death, and torture toward the resident of the people of Sierra Leone that live in the mining area. Campbell explains how the most precious diamonds are usually found in mining site and war zones.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

6 Word Story

" Me Him...Pleasure Pain...Sixty-Nine"